The year is 2075 and the world is not as it was before. The world has gone inward opting out spaceships for human advancement. Where some were in dismay in search of new planets we decided to look inward, into our own bodies and our own minds. Cybernetics rule the world now, we don't have disabilities or health issues anymore we have crime and violence issues in it's place. You live in Seattle, you've come from all corner's of the globe to the Keystone of human advancement, between robots and cyber implants this city is no stranger to controversy and crime. The city is split into three districts, The Albertson District, The Teros District and the SharkHead District. You live in a state of understanding that one day everything could turn on it's head, with the tensions rising between the Albertson twins and Teros heating up for domination, who will save Seattle in Strife?

Redin Squad: Seattle in Strife